The inauguration of the cafeteria renovation at the university hospital H P-HP Jean Verdier in Bondy (93) took place on Tuesday, October 12th.
This is the culmination of the approach initiated in 2020 with the ARCHITECTES SOLIDAIRES association.

The health crisis has revealed the daily challenges experienced by all medical personnel. This Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris hospital was designed by the architect Henri Colboc in 1975 and the caregivers’ restaurant deserved to be rethought to offer a warmer, friendlier environment.

Composed of different atmospheres, the restaurant is marked by a play of soft and natural colours. The team also worked to address acoustic and thermal issues by adding acoustic hanging islands, insulating the facade, and treating the vertical elements with acoustic curtains. The doctors and caregivers, as well as hospital management, reported their satisfaction with the new space.

This space was renovated by the interior architecture team (Stéphane QuignaClémence Rabin le Gall), together with BATI’life.
Construction site management: Groupe Builders and Partners, Louis-Christophe Moissonnier et Aghiles ADANE,
Accompaniment: Sylvie SIMON ELIA
Financial support from: #ProtegeTonSoignant and the Fondation Capelli
Donations of materials, products, layout solutions by: MuutoTarkettRockfonSto FranceSILVERA
Thanks to BMA (overall execution of the works).