Lyon Silex 2 Rives de France
Ecole Ducasse – Paris Campus, Meudon, cuisine
Tours Porte de Loire photo

Dreaming the cities of the future

Architecture. Research. Technique. Environment. We are architects, landscapers, urban planners, interior designers. Our approach is global, from the design to the delivery, from the detail to the territory.

  • Architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Landscape
Ecole Ducasse – Paris Campus, Meudon, parvis Pro- -ject

Ecole Ducasse – Paris Campus

Meudon-la-Forêt, France, 2020

  • Architecture
Silex2, Lyon, plan N2 Pro- -ject


Lyon, France, 2021

  • Architecture
  • Sustainable Development
Danone incube Gif axono Po- -st
abbès tahir, equipe,

Structural hybridisation – the example of “In’Cube”

Abbès Tahir

  • Landscape
  • Urban planning
image-principale Pro- -ject

Central Business District

China, , 2014

  • Architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Landscape
Chinese embassy, paris, photo Pro- -ject

Chinese Embassy in Paris

Paris, France, 2016

  • Architecture
  • Meetings
photo-équipe-silex Po- -st

Zoom on… Silex², Lyon Part-Dieu

12 December 2021

  • Architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Landscape
Pro- -ject


Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, 2020

  • Architecture
  • Construction management
  • Interior architecture
  • Landscape
gif danone in cube Pro- -ject

Danone Research and Innovation Centre

Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 2022

insta, livr'eau, gif
insta, perspective, modulaire

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