The Arte Charpentier firm was recently represented in Beijing by Mingding Pan, joined by Jing Ke, at the invitation of the French ambassador and the Chinese Ministry. They spoke at this event, detailing the firm’s projects and values, in front of the French ambassador to China, the Vice-Minister of the Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources, and 150 heads of urban planning departments from all the country’s major cities.


The event marked the 15th anniversary of the programme set up by AFEX “150 Chinese urban planners in France” (AFEX “150 urbanistes chinois en France).

In the firm’s history, Arte Charpentier has always worked with a large number of Chinese urban planners, particularly during its assignments in Shanghai and more recently in Wuhan.

Arte Charpentier was one of three firms invited to represent France at the event, alongside AIA and AREP.

Key events

During the event, Mingding Pan and Jing Ke met the eight future members of the AFEX programme, who will be travelling to France in October 2024. These winning members were selected by the Chinese government and the French Embassy in Beijing. Arte Charpentier, with its long-standing commitment to China, has been supporting this programme for several years. The firm is delighted to renew its commitment for next year.

archive of the “150 Chinese urban planners in France” 2023 edition, during a visit by the Arte Charpentier teams – copyright AFEX