This morning, we presented Atrium City, a mixed-use, multi-generation development in Clichy-la-Garenne.

The Arte Charpentier teams involved in the architecture, urban planning and landscape design explained the project’s approach and the various components of the programme to the MoHURD (Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development) delegation from the People’s Republic of China.

The visit took place during an official delegation visit to France.

Members of the MoHURD delegation
– Mr JIANG Wanrong, Vice-Minister of the MoHURD
– Mr ZHANG Qianjun, Deputy Director General of General Affairs (MoHURD)
– Mr CHENG Deli, Deputy Director General of Housing Development and Reform (MoHURD)
– Mr LI Zhe, Director General of Planning, Finance and International Cooperation (MoHURD)
– Mr WANG Xixi, Director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Building Technologies (MoHURD)
– Ms LAI Yuan, Secretary, Department of General Affairs (MoHURD)