On June 6, we will be present at the Assises Nationales du Logement et de la mixité urbaine.

The teams of Arte Charpentier and the property developer Sadev 94, will present the research carried out on the theme “Feeling good in your home: What tools to help design?”

The Assises Nationales du Logement et de la Mixité Urbaine is the meeting place for housing and real estate developers. It is an opportunity for the 1,500 public and private decision-makers in the living environment (elected officials, local authorities, promoters, builders, landlords, architects, institutions, etc.) to take a look at the latest news in the sector, to discover innovative solutions and services for housing and the city, as well as the start-ups that count, all the while benefiting from the sharing of experiences.

At this event, you will find various round tables and interventions focused on relevant issues such as:

  • Act for dynamic, resilient, inclusive, sober and sustainable territories
  • Act for a quality, healthy and low carbon habitat
  • Act for low-carbon renovation, energy renovation and housing for all
  • Act for an efficient real estate market and for effective, committed and sustainable investments

Practical information: The Arte Charpentier conference will take place on June 6 at 11:00 am

Salon David-Weill, Maison Internationale,17 Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris