Jérôme Le Gall, associate architect at Arte Charpentier, was invited to speak at the “French Eco City Club” in Wuhan on 20 March 2024.

During his speech, he presented a detailed vision of the Sino-French eco-city of Caidian in Wuhan, China.

The “French Eco City Club” event is a prestigious summit bringing together the heads of major Chinese companies and the country’s elected representatives.

The Caidian eco-city project is a harmonious blend of French architectural and urban expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese territory. Le Gall’s speech highlighted the way in which the agency’s expertise in sustainable urban planning, urban design and architecture is integrated into the specific cultural, social and environmental context of China.

Speaking at the event, Jérôme Le Gall highlighted the key features of the project, such as the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and materials, the introduction of sustainable transport solutions, the design of resilient and user-friendly neighbourhoods, and the creation of green spaces and public parks. These elements contribute not only to environmental sustainability, but also to improving residents’ quality of life and strengthening social ties within the community.


In conclusion, the project has a number of economic and commercial advantages that are intrinsic to the specific nature of this Sino-French partnership, highlighting how collaboration between the French and Chinese teams can lead to innovative, cost-effective projects that are beneficial to both parties.
Sharing this experience at the “French Eco City Club” in Wuhan is of strategic importance, as it strengthens the ties between France and China in the field of sustainable urban planning and paves the way for new opportunities for cooperation in the construction and urban development sector.