Cortis, Paris, facade


Located on the rue de Courcelles in Paris, Cortis condenses all the expertise of the agency, from the global design (architecture, interior architecture, landscaping), to the direction and the follow-up of the building work. This exceptional tertiary building was designed as a new concept developing a range of services borrowed from the codes of the hotel industry, and spaces of reception and work conducive to exchanges that extend onto generous outdoor spaces.

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    Cortis, Paris, hall


    Type of projectDemolition-reconstruction
    Contracting authorityAVIVA Assurances
    ArchitectArte Charpentier

    LocationParis 17e
    Completion date2021
    Surface area8 500 m²
    Environmental approachHQE, BREEAM, WELL, WiredScore

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    of office spaces, 500m² of retail outlets, R+8

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    The architectural intention was to have a continuity between the two sets of office units, with a significant supply of natural light and a structure as little-present as possible inside the spaces.

    Jérôme Le Gall, associate architect / Arte Charpentier

    The layout of the hall and all the vertical circulations have been carefully thought out in order to promote reception and well-being. These custom-made spaces are refined and elegant.

    Stéphane Quigna, interior architecture / Arte Charpentier

    The numerous gardens, terraces and rooves are designed for users and envisioned as shared places to meet, exchange, and work.

    Nathalie Leroy, associate landscaper / Arte Charpentier

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    Cortis Paris, France - 2021


    Located in the heart of Paris, Cortis is a contemporary project open to the city, in harmony with its time: a link with its district and its shops. Committed to offering a unique experience to its occupants, Cortis was designed as a novel concept developing a range of services borrowed from the codes of the hotel industry. Its bespoke and modular workspaces, lounge lobby and numerous outdoor green spaces (rooftops, terraces and balconies) have been designed with a unique aim: to promote the well-being, quality of life and development of the users.

    From the end of the boulevard de Courcelles, the building is immediately noticeable in the rue de Courcelles and affirms its presence and visibility by its facade composed of a  homogeneously-built volume.

    The study of the profile of the rue de Courcelles, formed by a succession of buildings, sometimes Haussmann style, sometimes Art Deco style, with heights ranging from R+6 to R+7, led the architects to organise the volumes of Cortis according to the same typology by seeking a variety of architectural writings in the image of the street, voluntarily breaking with too linear and monotonous a writing.

    The project consists of an H-shaped building, with two main bodies of office spaces, the most important one being located on rue de Courcelles at R+8. The other building, less important (R+5), on rue Léon Jost, also includes dual-orientation office spaces.

    These two bodies are connected to each other up to R+5 and are connected on the ground floor to two indoor gardens, which are accessible to users.

    The unique, generous, dual-exposure and transparent lobby is the centre of gravity of Cortis and serves all its functions.

    The cafeteria, accessible directly from the lobby, opens onto the garden in order to create a living space that completes the animation and life in this south-facing area.
    A space for meetings, co-working or showrooms can be arranged on the garden side as an extension of the hall space. These custom-made spaces are refined and elegant. A common thread leads to the floors. The sanitary facilities were designed with a real concern for coherence with the choices made for the hall.

    Seeing the city from above: A slice of sky and light

    In the heart of the dense city, Cortis offers terraces and rooftop balconies that overlook the city and its rooftops. From the offices, employees can take advantage of outdoor spaces where they can settle in the heart of the vegetation and enjoy a horizon open to the sky. On one of the terraces, a fruticetum allows users to taste raspberries, currants, blackberries or cranberries. On another, climbers adorn a fence made of ligatured bamboo rods. On the ground floor, two patios are covered with shrubs with coloured bark: a plant backdrop as an extension to the offices.

    Sustainable development is an integral part of the project, with the responsible building demonstrating that tertiary real estate is in perfect harmony with current environmental challenges. The building is certified “HQE neuf niveau Exceptionnel”, “Breeam Excellent”, and has the Label “Effinergie +” (RT 2012 – 40%) but also a double label “Well” and “Wiredscore” level Gold, guaranteeing the comfort and connectivity of the space.


    Organisés autour d’un espace commun identifié comme une rue intérieure réalisée en double hauteur, les différents espaces de formation pouvant accueillir jusqu’à 300 étudiants sont répartis sur 2 niveaux :
    • 7 salles de cours,
    • 9 laboratoires,
    • une salle d’analyse sensorielle,
    • un knowledge center,
    • un espace de coworking,
    • un back office et des locaux administratifs.
    • Un espace de vente à emporter
    • et 2 restaurants ouverts au public, également en double hauteur, complètent les espaces de formation dédiés aux étudiants.
    Au sous-sol se trouvent des espaces de réception, de réserves, de stockage, de mise en place et un parking de 54 places.


    Contracting authority
    – Contracting authority: Aviva Assurances
    – ACA: CG Consult

    Project Management
    – Architect: Arte Charpentier (Jérôme Le GallVincent LempereurSylvain Van RechemMingding PanFei Wang)
    – Interior architect: Arte Charpentier (Stéphane QuignaJasmine Frossard)
    – Landscaper: Arte Charpentier (Nathalie LeroySilvia Pucci)
    – MOEX: Arte Charpentier (Francesco Ballarin)

    Design office
    – Economist: G.V. Ingénierie
    – Fluids: Barbanel
    – Structure: SCYNA4
    – Facades: Joseph Ingénierie
    – Acoustics: AVEL
    – Elevators: Conseil Conception Ingénierie

    – Address: 98-100 rue de Courcelles / 1 bis et 3 rue Léon Jost 75017 Paris
    – Environmental approach: HQE Excellent, BREEAM Exceptionnel, WELL niveau Gold, Wiredscore niveau Gold, Effinergie + (RT 2012 -40%)
    – Photo credits: Boegly Grazia


    Type of projectDemolition-reconstruction
    Contracting authorityAVIVA Assurances
    ArchitectArte Charpentier

    LocationParis 17e
    Completion date2021
    Surface area8 500 m²
    Environmental approachHQE, BREEAM, WELL, WiredScore


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