185 avenue Charles de Gaulle

Located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, 185 avenue Charles de Gaulle underwent a major renovation of the three office buildings, articulated around three axes: to integrate the building into its surroundings, to create a new work tool, and to imagine a new living space. The agency designed the architecture, the interior architecture and the landscaping, and directed the execution of the works .

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Type of project Major renovation
Programme Tertiary
Contracting authority SCPI Accès Valeur Pierre, BNP Paribas Real Estate
Architects Arte Charpentier

Location Neuilly-sur-Seine
Studies 2021
Surface area 15 200 m²
Environmental approach BREEAM, WELL, WIRED, E+C-

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185 Charles de Gaulle is BNP REIM's most ambitious redevelopment project to date. In addition to creating a building that meets the highest market standards, we and our teams have worked hard throughout the project to place the user experience and a strong CSR approach at the heart of our programming.

Guillaume Delattre, Managing Director / BNP Paribas Real Estate

of site waste recycled, 50% demolition waste
2 830
of outdoor areas (gardens, terraces, balconies), 850 m² of rooftop space

We conceived the landscaped project as a system of patios, terraces and green roofs, open to the project's urban environment and vectors of biodiversity. These spaces, accessible to all site users, from "green cocoon" patios to terraces with exceptional views, offer places to meet, socialize and work, conducive to creativity and inventiveness.

Pauline Rabin Le Gall, landscape designer / Arte Charpentier

The main strength of this project lies in the way Arte Charpentier has exploited the infrastructure surfaces through the patios and, above all, the Agora. The Agora is one of the strongest elements of the design, providing both a gentle vertical circulation that intelligently links the two levels of the service plinth, and a genuine living space for the occupants.

Sébastien Alphand, General Manager / Theop

The collaboration between Bouygues 'Batiment Renovation Privee' and the Arte Charpentier team, in a common dynamic of passion, progress and commitment to the success of this magnificent building, has been very satisfying.

Michel Gomes, Manager of 185 CDG / Bouygues Bâtiment IDF Private renovation

It is through the right balance of all the professionals and the coordinated articulation of their know-how, both in the design and in the execution, that such a project could be achieved. The success of this project lies in the symbiosis of technical, economic and creative minds.

Michela Donato, architect / Arte Charpentier

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185 avenue Charles de Gaulle Neuilly-sur-Seine, France - 2021


185 avenue Charles de Gaulle is an ecosystem. It lives, it promotes interactivity and the evolution of each user, it is a new model for office real estate. Its elegant facade will provide great visibility. Clad in noble and perennial stone, it dialogues with its neighbourhood by opening generously onto the new alleys of the avenue.

The reception hall offers a generous, luminous space and very great transparency up to the heart of the block, and sets the tone of the whole building: conviviality, spaces for informal conversations, high-quality and aesthetic materials, an abundance of natural light.

The interior street organises and structures generous volumes on 2 or 3 levels, with large transparent areas and views onto the gardens, patios and new features. It connects the avenue Charles de Gaulle to the villa Houssay, following an architectural and scenographic path in dialogue with new uses and transparencies onto the gardens. It enables the creation of shared spaces: sports halls, music venues, and alternative catering in continuous service. It offers shared services close to hotel industry standards, and a range of high-quality collaborative spaces: E-lounge, coworking space, fitness club, collective games room (table tennis, table football, laser guns, etc.), a concierge, cafés, 2.0 boutiques, planted terraces, a business club…

The forum is arranged in tiers, it opens up the ground floor onto the ground-floor garden. It organises a place of life, conviviality, transition, coworking and circulation. This smooth and staged transition makes it possible to enhance the relationship between the spaces of the reception hall and the interior street with the garden level. Natural light abounds in this space, as well as views and transparencies on the patio.

The Place du Village offers unique services and becomes a new “district” of Neuilly. Its four different restaurant concepts (take away grill, Parisian stroll, organic market, home-style) allow you to choose between a formal lunch, a spontaneous meeting around a salad, or a snack break between two appointments. These reversible spaces can be easily transformed to meet other uses, an informal and improvised meeting for example.

The treatment on the upper levels of 185 avenue Charles de Gaulle is in continuity with that implemented on the ground floor, in order to “read” a strong verticality. Transparency is achieved by means of full-length glass partitions.

The 2830 m² of terraces, patios and rooftops are open to all users of the building, and not only those who occupy the upper floors. These shared spaces, with exceptional views, offer informal workplaces, places for meetings and socialisation, conducive to creativity and inventiveness.

Seen from the sky, the outdoor landscaped spaces are implanted in the continuity of the gardens in the heart of the block that frame the site. They are both an integral part of the daily operation of the building, and that of the block, strengthening its biodiversity. Like Russian dolls, small patios are implanted in larger ones, themselves integrated into the network of gardens in the block, with overhanging balconies and planted terraces. By integrating into the gardens, this composition promotes the natural and biological links between the green spaces and allows for a greater perception of plant life from 185 avenue Charles de Gaulle and from the adjoining buildings. The landscaping project therefore develops a system of accessible and planted terraces, patios and rooves, where the many outdoor spaces are envisioned as shared spaces.

The rooftop is an exceptional place with a clear view of Paris, La Défense and the Bois de Boulogne. This fifth planted facade was designed with as much care and attention as the offices. It is the extension of the workspace in the open air.


Contracting authority
– Contracting authority: SCPI Acces Valeur Pierre
– Delegated contracting authority: BNP Paribas Real Estate
– Assistant contracting authority: THEOP
– H&S coordinator: LM3C
– FSS coordinator: CSD & Associés

Project management
– Architect: Arte Charpentier (Jérôme Le GallChristian AtryMaëva RicherMichel Mourlot)
– Interior architect: Arte Charpentier (Edith RichardClémence Rabin Le Gall)
– Landscaping: Arte Charpentier (Pauline Rabin Le Gall, Soizic KenfortCamilla PaleariSilvia Pucci)
– DET: Arte Charpentier (Michela Donato)

– Structures: SCYNA 4
– Fluids: SEDRI
– Economist: Iliade Ingénierie
– Control office: Veritas
– Environment: Etamine
– General company: Bouygues Bâtiment Rénovation Privée
– Surveyor: GExpertise
– Façades: JOSEPH Ingénierie
– Acoustics: META
– Catering: Convergence

– Address: 185 avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly sur Seine
– Environmental approach:  BREEAM Excellent, WELL Gold, WIRED Score Platine, label E+C niveau E2 C1

Photos credits:
© Antoine Mercusot
© Boegly Grazia

Image credits:  L’Autre Image, Arte Charpentier


Type of project Major renovation
Programme Tertiary
Contracting authority SCPI Accès Valeur Pierre, BNP Paribas Real Estate
Architects Arte Charpentier

Location Neuilly-sur-Seine
Studies 2021
Surface area 15 200 m²
Environmental approach BREEAM, WELL, WIRED, E+C-

185 avenue Charles de Gaulle

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